Dungeon Deck Detail

The Leaky Lab – Dungeon Deck

Every dungeoneer worth their salt started their delving career in a city’s sewers… and every dungeoneer who made a penny’s got a tale to tell for it too!

A Cranky Old Adventurer

At some time during the quarantine, I got a burst of inspiration and this is the result of a few weekends of furious work. Then, like many things, I hit a roadblock, and my drive just kinda peters off and the save file sat on my desktop for a few months.

The rough idea is it’s an 18 card deck that would come in a foil booster pack.

  • 12 Encounter Cards / Room Cards
  • 5 Monster Cards – including a Boss Card
  • A Reference Card with some rules.
Dungeon Deck Detail
These are the Room / Encounter cards. Each has unique artwork, descriptions, multiple encounters per room. Players roll dice to see which trap, monster, or treasure they find in each room.

As you can see, I got pretty far! I have the card design which I’m proud of, and while I still have a lot of card text to write, and artwork to polish, it looks like a real thing.

I wanted to share this because I wanted it to feel real. It’s been sitting on my desktop for months, trapped in my imagination.

I hope this half-finished project is of use, DM’s and players feel free to use these ideas in your campaigns!

Included are 5 unique creature cards,with descriptions, stats,etc. This shows placeholder text meant for rooms, this would need to be updated to show HP, combat abilities, etc.
The Boss Monster – The idea of this adventure is for a level 1 sewer adventure. In the lore the party of adventurers is hired by a wizard to clean up his mess – his potions from his lab have leaked into the city sewers and wreaked havoc on the local ecosystem. The boss monster is a mutated potion golem made of all the monsters – a bat-rat-lizard-spider. An amalgum!
I even had a spreadsheet typed up with card descriptions and events!
The full card list. As you draw and clear rooms you lay them out like a dungeon map. To ender the boss room, you must first find and collect the boss key!

I’ve still got a lot of work to do before this is finished, but I’ve done a lot of work already. Sometimes projects take time because you get distracted and have to come back weeks or months later. That’s part of the process. I’m trying to be grateful to have this project to work on, as opposed to frustrated I’ve abandoned another project.

Take care. Wishing you all good health.






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