WebXR – Aframe & Three.js

Well, I’m building a metaverse. On the web. With WebXR.

I’ve been learning https://threejs.org/ and https://aframe.io/ and I have to say, they are incredible tools!

I’m absolutely blown away by what people are pushing browsers to do, and what they are capable of doing. My main pain point with VR development over the last 3-4 years has always been what platform to publish and share content on!

Unity has some web-based stuff, or I could publish and share content in any number of apps. But it was always in someone else’s ecosystem. Someone else platform.

Everything seems to be changing with WebXR.

Check it out for yourself on your phone, desktop, or VR headset!


This is just the beginning. I plan on hosting a variety of rooms, experiences, and much more.

Keep checking back in to see what else has been added to my metaverse!






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