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  • Dungeon Map

    Dungeon Map

  • DnD Doodles

    DnD Doodles

    My girlfriend and I are in a playing in DragonHeist campaign with some friends that we’ve been playing since last March! I can’t believe that we are almost done with the campaign! We’ve been playing for over a year, over 50 sessions of chaos and fun. This was a doodle we did in a shared […]

  • The Leaky Lab – Dungeon Deck

    The Leaky Lab – Dungeon Deck

    Every dungeoneer worth their salt started their delving career in a city’s sewers… and every dungeoneer who made a penny’s got a tale to tell for it too! A Cranky Old Adventurer At some time during the quarantine, I got a burst of inspiration and this is the result of a few weekends of furious […]

  • 3D Work

    3D Work

    My first experience with Blender was in 2006. I downloaded it at 16, staring at the cool ponytailed mascot with the logo as it’s head, and confused at the basic idea of interacting with 3d objects. Fast forward a few years, and I picked it back up at 2.79, right before the new 2.8 launch […]

  • VR Tiltbrush Snapshots

    VR Tiltbrush Snapshots

    VR Tiltbrush & Quill Snapshots

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