• Neon Beetle

    o7 RIP Enod the Hammerdorf Recruit. I was sieged by goblins, but had a squad of mace and axe lords ready. No problem I think…

    Then the goblins appear INSIDE my fort from a diagonal on the surface I made with some haphazard farming attempts.

    The Gem Crafter falls first, unlucky enough to be brewing in the wrong place and Enod, our new Elite Recruit appears on the scene.

    Dodging literally 8 bolts and arrows, Enod dives forward and smashes some goblin heads in a frantic melee. Tragically, by the time the Mace Lords arrive to the fight, she’s taken an arrow to THE KNEE, then a bolt in the THROAT. After choking out a battlecry, she charged the goblin who’s wounded her, tackles them, and knocks them unconscious with her hands.

    Surrounded by elite dwarves, she stands up and retreats to tend to her wounds. Promptly, and without hesitation she RIPS the bolt out of her throat, severing a major artery, and falls over, dead. FUN!

  • Temple of Terror & Dungeon Diorama – More VR Art

    The Temple of Terror – Created in Tiltbrush on Quest 2

    I really like using Tiltbrush as a way to quickly get video ideas, notes, and sketches out.

    I used tiltbrush to sketch out how I wanted to layout my studio.
    Lots of space for books and pants. Much easier to draw out a bunch of shelves in VR than to actually buy and assemble shelves.
    I do love getting to zoom out in scale and viewing everything as if miniature. It’s one of my favorite things about VR/XR in general, getting to zoom in and out of a world at your fingertips.

  • Dungeon Map