This is The Archives, where I will post images, gifs, videos and text of projects I work on, as I work on them, or just feel like getting an idea out of my head. This will be very freeflow, with no post schedule or regular updates, and act more as a public notebook.

– Josh Johanson //

The Blog

  • XR Gallery and XR Hub
    I’ve been tinkering away at my corner of the Metaverse for a few weeks now. As a visual artist, an art gallery seemed like a natural starting point, so I opened Blender 2.9 and starting movin & extrudin. Above you’ll see a sneak peek from Blender EEVEE of the entry lobby of my fourth or fifth take on that gallery. 😂 You can view it in 3D in your browser here: That subdomain will serve as my XR Hub, and you’ll see links to other projects and 3D XR pages linked to from there. Everything is a WIP, and… Continue reading XR Gallery and XR Hub
  • WebXR – Aframe & Three.js
    Well, I’m building a metaverse. On the web. With WebXR. I’ve been learning and and I have to say, they are incredible tools! I’m absolutely blown away by what people are pushing browsers to do, and what they are capable of doing. My main pain point with VR development over the last 3-4 years has always been what platform to publish and share content on! Unity has some web-based stuff, or I could publish and share content in any number of apps. But it was always in someone else’s ecosystem. Someone else platform. Everything seems to be changing… Continue reading WebXR – Aframe & Three.js
  • Procreate pocket doodles while I wait for the new update
  • The Cosmic Crypt – AR Concept